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Benefit Highlights

Advocate Sherman Hospital offers a comprehensive employee benefit program which provides both physical and financial protection with a broad spectrum of plans, tools, and resources. Employees may select benefits that best meet their needs and the needs of their families. Here is a brief overview of some of the benefits that are offered. crm for real estate brokerage APRO CRM

Note: eligibility may vary based on position and/or regularly scheduled hours. Any reference to Full or Part Time status refers to regular employees. Please consult with Human Resources for specific guidelines and further Plan details.

Health and Dental Insurance

Available to all regular employees who are scheduled to work forty [40] hours or more per pay period.

Life Insurance

Full-time and part-time employees (scheduled to work forty [40] hours a pay period or more) are covered by a Term Life Insurance Policy equal to one times their annual base pay.

Optional Term Life Insurance

Employees scheduled to work forty [40] hours or more per pay period may purchase group term life insurance plans for themselves and their dependents (subject to insurability) on a payroll deduction basis. Policy is portable -- it can be continued after termination.

Short Term Disability Insurance

Employees (min. 20 hrs/wk) may purchase one of several optional short term disability insurance options with various elimination periods.

Long Term Disability Insurance

Employees (min. 30 hrs/wk) are provided LTD coverage through a self-insured plan with a 5 month elimination period. 60% benefit subject to plan conditions/offsets.

Supervisory personnel (min 30 hrs/wk) are provided LTD insurance through an insured plan with a 3 month elimination period. 60% benefit subject to plan conditions/offsets. Immediate coverage.

Extended Leave Bank

Additional benefits accrual bank to cover extended personal illness and (limited) family crisis. Full time accrual is 40 hours per year (benefit has no value at termination). Min. 20 hours/week regular schedule.

Retirement Savings Program (RSP)

All employees are eligible to participate in the savings portion of the Retirement Savings Program (401k plan) by making payroll-deducted contributions on a tax-deferred basis (not to exceed IRS guidelines).

RSP Employer Contributions
You must be 21 years of age and have worked 1 year with a minimum of 1000 hours in order to enter this portion of the plan.

For more information contact Human Resources.

Flex-Spending Accounts

FSAs provide a means for employees to set aside a portion of their income on a tax-exempt basis to reimburse themselves for (a) qualified health/dental expenses and/or (b) dependent care expenses not otherwise covered by insurance or other benefits.

Credit Union

Healthcare Associates Credit Union.

Direct Paycheck Deposit

Network of banks, plus Credit Union.

Adoption Assistance

Up to $4000 per adoption (lifetime limit $10,000) to help cover expenses incurred in the adoption of a child (see HR for tax information).

Paid Time Off

PTO can be used for vacation, holidays, personal day off, personal or family illness and bereavement.

Limited amounts of PTO can be traded in annually for cash.

PTO eligibility varies depending on scheduled hours and location.

Tuition Reimbursement

Eligible employees may apply for reimbursement of tuition expenses for approved educational programs.

Employee Assistance Program

Any employee or immediate family member who needs help with personal, family, financial, mental, emotional, or substance abuse problems may call for a free, confidential assessment and referral, crisis intervention, or a variety of other services.


The cafeteria is maintained for all employees. Meals are served at low cost and without sales tax to employees. Free coffee is served on all three shifts during normal break times.

Free Parking

Off-street parking is provided. Get a sticker from the Human Resource Department to identify your car in the event of an emergency.

Excercise Program

Fitness program discount with area Health Clubs with subsidy for employee health insurance plan participants available.

Free Flu Shots And Hepatitis B Vaccinations

Flu shots are available to all employees each fall. Notices will be posted. Free Hepatitis B vaccination shots are encouraged and available free to all employees in jobs where there is a risk of exposure. For more information contact SBM (x4410).

Further Wellness Benefits
  • massage therapy on-site
  • exercise discounts
  • health & educational seminars on-site
  • employee fun & fitness fair