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Stroke Care

Each year in the U.S. about 795,000 people experience a new or recurrent stroke, making it the nation's third leading cause of death. On average, someone suffers a stroke ever 40% seconds and someone dies of a stroke every 3.1 minutes. When treating a stroke, time is of the essence. That's why Advocate Sherman Hospital's Certified Primary Stroke Center is so valuable to our community.

Partnering with Central DuPage Hospital

Advocate Sherman Hospital has developed a partnership with Central DuPage Hospital, which offers neuro-interventional options in stroke treatment. Our expert stroke team can quickly identify patients meeting criteria and ensure timely transfer should this option be indicated dependant on the individual needs of the patient.

A stroke or brain attack is an emergency and immediate help should be sought by calling 911 to activate the Emergency Medical Response Team.

Primary Stroke Center Certification

After undergoing an on-site evaluation and demonstrating compliance with nationally developed standards for stroke care, Advocate Sherman Hospital has earned The Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval for certification as a Primary Stroke Center.

In stroke care, the speed with which a victim is treated is essential. With certification, we at Advocate Sherman Hospital have proven ourselves able to provide effective, timely care to stroke victims, which can significantly improve outcomes for stroke patients.

Know the Facts

Know the Symptoms

Physical signs of stroke include:

Time is of the essence when treating a stroke. The time saved by knowing the symptoms can pay huge dividends during recovery.

Know the Risks

The risk of stroke is increased by:

The Importance of Code BAT

When a "Code BAT" is issued, members of the Advocate Sherman Hospital Stroke Team (or Brain Attack Team) immediately jump into action. The team is comprised of trained clinicians who will deliver expert care to the patient experiencing a stroke.