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For Your Everyday Emergencies

A hospital emergency room (ER) is the right choice for a life-threatening condition, but Advocate Sherman Outpatient Center is the best stop for many of life's little emergencies like cuts, sprains, earaches and fevers.

What Is Immediate Care?

Immediate care centers are walk-in clinics designed to treat minor (non-life threatening) injuries and illnesses right away. You don't need an appointment, and many times, and immediate care center can treat you faster than in an ER. Additionally, immediate care centers offer many of the same services as an ER, such as X-Ray and blood testing, and many have extended daily or weekend hours for your convenience.

The Advocate Sherman Family HealthCare Outpatient Centers are your best alternative when your physician isn't available.

Use the Advocate Sherman Family HealthCare Outpatient Centers as an alternative to visiting the emergency room for these services:

You should go to an ER if you experience any of the following symptoms or need immediate medical attention: inability to breathe, chest pain, seizures, extensive wound and/or bleeding, loss of consciousness, poisoning or severe burns.

At our outpatient centers, a physician is on duty at all times in addition to specially trained healthcare personnel to provide the care you need when you need it most. No appointment is ever needed. Use the map below to find the outpatient center facility closest to your home.

In addition to urgent care services, Advocate Sherman Outpatient Centers offer a variety of outpatient services, whether you need a flu shot, mammogram or physical therapy. Outpatient services offered: