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Emergency Preparedness

Advocate Sherman Hospital is a designated POD Hospital as identified in the State of Illinois Emergency Medical Disaster Plan. The disaster POD hospital is the lead hospital in a specific EMS region responsible for coordinating disaster medical response upon the activation of the State Emergency Medical Disaster Plan by the Public Health Emergency Operations Center.

As the Healthcare Leader in Kane and the surrounding counties and as an active member of our community, we have developed this page to help meet the following community goals.

Advocate Sherman Hospital provides Community CPR and first aid training for groups and individuals. If you or an organization would like to schedule a class please contact our Information & Physician Referral Service at 800.397.9000 or register on-line.

Are You Ready For A Disaster?

Emergencies may be limited to local inconvenience or range to widespread devastation. If you are prepared in advance, the effects on you and your family will be reduced. Get ready today! Click on the link below to learn how to develop a family disaster plan.

Listed below are links to several informative and helpful web sites. Each site provides information that is useful in preparing your personal emergency plan.

In event of emergency this site will be updated with the latest information. Please bookmark this page or save it to your favorites list.